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SKU: PM/57 Woman's Skirt and Apron Pattern

Woman's Skirt and Apron Pattern
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  • SKU: PM/57 Woman's Skirt and Apron Pattern

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This fine Pattern includes detailed, illustrated instructions for the construction of Woman's Skirts, Petticoats and Aprons and is a must for the Traditional Lady.

The kind of fabric, the amount of material in a Skirt or Petticoat and the kind of waistband used were indicative of the "station" and living style of a woman in the 18th and 19th centuries. Linen or wool were used for everyday and for many women that was all they had or could afford. For special occasions, finer weight fabrics and silk and cotton were used.

This Skirt Pattern has either a peasant style drawstring waistband or a fitted waistband, side slits for reaching into Pockets (see PM/55) and has two optional lengths. The Apron has an option of two bib front styles.

As with all Eagle's Viewę Patterns, all terms are fully defined in the handy glossary and this is combined with bold illustrated instructions that make using these patterns easy even for the novice seamstress.