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SKU: PM/55 Woman's Cloth Accessories Pattern

Woman's Cloth Accessories Pattern
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  • SKU: PM/55 Woman's Cloth Accessories Pattern

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The Woman's Cloth Accessories Pattern includes Pockets, Kerchief, Mob Cap and Bonnet.

Eighteenth century women wore one or two Pockets under their apron or skirt for carrying things. These oval bags are tied around the waist with a tape and the slit opening is accessible through openings in the skirt. The pocket is sometimes decorated with embroidery.

Kerchiefs come in several sizes and can be worn in a variety of ways. Small, tied around the neck, Medium, over the shoulders and tucked in the bodice and Large, used as a shawl.

A Mob Cap is a simple circular hat that ties with a drawstring around the head. Usually made of fine white muslin, the cap can also be tied with a drawstring or colored ribbon.

The Bonnet is more fitted than a mob cap and ties under the chin. A self fabric ruffle or lace trim is sewn to the front edge.

This fine pattern includes all of these items and they are designed to make a fine addition to your costume.