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SKU: B00/37 Techniques of Fashion Earrings by Deon DeLange

Techniques of Fashion Earrings by Deon DeLange
Purchase Techniques of Fashion Earrings by Deon DeLange
  • SKU: B00/37 Techniques of Fashion Earrings by Deon DeLange

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72 pages, 36 illustrations and patterns, 4 color pages.

Deon DeLange's long awaited third book is finally here and contains all of the basic information and step-by-step instructions for making beautiful beaded earrings, plus many new techniques and designs. With charts, easy-to-follow illustrations, and photographs of each design, making beautiful earrings couldn't be more simple.

Techniques of Fashion Earrings begins by describing the basic techniques for Deon's Designs Originale, followed by a section on Multiple Beading Techniques, including Seed Bead foundations and Double Beaded Styles.

The Increase Stitch is next introduced. This technique allows the creation of shaped designs. There are also Special Notes for the more complex designs.

The final section contains Christmas Designs which incorporate all of the techniques described in the preceding sections of the book. New designs are included with each section.

Designs included are: Small Cross, Regular Side Angles, Lightning Bolt, Stylized Bird Man, Large Cross, Bees-lee, Rainbow & Quill, Pink Flower, Tapered Side Angles, Two-Headed Bird Earrings & Necklace Set, Zig-Zag, Diamond Times Four, Rainbow Shooting Star, Blue Flower, Open-Triangles, Water-bird, Thunderbird, Mosque, Double Arrow, Elongated Diamond, Heart Drop Earrings, Large Heart Earrings, Small Bow, Hourglass, Large Bow, Fish Earrings, Indian Maiden, Santa #1, Bell, Candy Cane, Santa #2, Christmas Tree, Candle #1, Candle #2, and Angel Earrings.

Deon's first two books have sold more than 150,000 copies and she is the undisputed queen of Brick Stitch Earring designs. Don't miss her most exciting book yet!