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SKU: PP/__ Pipestone Pipes

Pipestone Pipes
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  • SKU: PP/__ Pipestone Pipes

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Made of Catlinite (Pipestone) from the sacred quarries in Minnesota, these beautiful pipes are handcrafted by Indians. Each bowl is specifically designed for the pipe and the stems are decorated with burnings, feathers and/or beadwork. Most of these pipes are signed by the craftsman who made it. Please keep in mind that we stock many other pipes. Just call 801-393-3991 for availability.
Plains Pipe - Used by a number of Tribes and Nations, this style is probably most familiar to non-Indians as the "peace pipe".
Four Winds Pipe - This style resembles the Plains Pipe but has four rings cut into the bowl. Four, a magic number, is used to signify the four directions of the wind.
Elbow Pipe - Not all pipes are ceremonial. This pipe, common in the 18th and 19th centuries, was commonly used for personal use and was known as the "squaw pipe" although it is doubtful that women were allowed to use it.
The various pipes have different prices. The price for each pipe is shown next to its description.
Names of artists and tribal affiliations on file.