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Pendleton Blankets and Robes
Available in Our Store also! For Gifts, It's Best to Call for Availability

We carry a full line of Pendleton Blankets and Accessories at our store in Ogden, Utah. For over 100 years the Pendleton name has been synonymous with the highest quality in wool. Wool woven in the US, and a company history that is interwoven with the Native American culture, these products truly are the best.

We carry Saddle Blankets, Baby Blankets (crib robes), National Park Blankets, Legendary Blankets, the Heritage Collection and more. We have Dopp Bags, Jackets and Vests as well. We also do special orders.

To place a telephone order or check on availability, Please call 801-393-3991 or email us at We provide the best service anywhere and we look forward to your call!

A Pendleton color chart is included below.