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Shop Beads of All Kinds

Beads Of All Kinds

We sell many different kinds of beads in a wide variety of colors. Following is a bead list to assist you in finding what you need.

We are building this section but there are still a few beads not on the site, so if what you need is not here, please contact us.

Our phone number is 801-393-3991, our Fax number is 801-393-4647 and our email is

Seed Beads

Sizes 8 to 14, including Czech seed beads, Packaged seed beads, Cut seed beads, Rocaille seed beads, Hexagon seed beads and French Seed Beads. French seed beads are no longer made, but we still have some in stock. Call 801-393-3991 for stock and availability.
We carry opaque, transparent and traditional colors plus a variety of special finishes.

Delica Beads
Size 11 tiny tube beads from Japan

Bugle Beads
3/16 to 7/8 inch and

Twisted Bugle Beads
from 3/16 inch to 30mm

Facetted Beads
4mm to 8mm Round in both glass and plastic, 6x4mm Oval and 6.5x6mm Pyramid shaped

Ancient Treasure Beads
Acrylic beads that look like wood or antiqued bone in many different shapes, sizes and designs

Pony or "E" Beads
Size 2 to Size 5, solid colors, striped and white-hearts

Trade Beads
7 to 8mm glass beads, smaller than crow beads and larger than pony beads

Crow Beads
6mm to 9mm glass crow beads, in many styles and 9mm plastic crow beads, both in many colors

Hematite Beads
2 to 12mm Round, Chips, Cubes, Tubes, Twists, Rectangles, Ovals, Rondelles, Hearts, Stars, Drops, Squares, Fetish Bears and more in a variety of sizes

Glass Designer Beads
Larger than seed beads, these come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Both contemporary and traditional, they all add something special to craftwork.
Included are Cat's Eyes round beads Transparent Cubes, 11mm x 8mm, Transparent Cubes, 7mm x 5mm, Wire Wound round beads, White Hearts, size 7 to 10mm, Oval Italian Chevrons and Assorted Far East Chevrons plus Peruvian Glass Beads.

Metal Beads
3/32 inch to 3/8 inch Round, 5/32 inch to 3/8 inch Round Fluted, Ovals, Barrel-shaped, and Rosebuds

Bone and Horn Beads
1/2 to 4 inch Hairpipe, including bone, antiqued bone, buffalo horn and natural horn;
1/2 to 2 inch Tubes, including bone, antiqued bone and buffalo horn;
2 Hole to 5 Hole Spacers, including natural white and antiqued bone;
Bone Discs, 1/4" natural white;
1/2 to 1 1/2 inch Carved Tubes, 6 to 16mm Round & Oval, and Carved Shapes

Ultra Fine Bone Hairpipe
1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch Hairpipe, 4mm in diameter

Imitation Bone Beads
1/2 inch to 4 inch Imitation Hairpipe (plastic), 1/2 to 1 inch Tubes

White Heart Beads
Sizes 6 to 7 and 6mm to 10mm

Oval Italian Chevrons and Far East Assortments

India Designer Beads
Hand-made glass beads with gold designs in Round, Oval, Tube and Squash (Rondelle) shapes

Glass Wire Wound Beads
6mm to 10mm in 4 brilliant colors

Peruvian Glass Beads
1/2 to 3/4 inch Tube assortment

Rice or Spaghetti Beads
Small (1/4 inch oval), Medium (7/16 inch oval) and Large (19x6mm) in Opaque and Aurora Borealis Colors

Alphabet Beads
Small Pewter Alphabet Beads and Ceramic Alphabet Beads with spacers, symbols and numbers

Old World Beads
Plastic beads with Old World Designs in metallic or colored matte finishes, available in Round, Squash, Disc, Oval, Barrel, Spacer, Rondelle and Drum shapes

Tile Beads Unavailable Until The Factory Makes Them Again
short tube beads that are 6mm in diameter

Face Beads
10-12mm Round, assorted

Sand Cast Beads
small Tube assortment and Large Oval, Barrel & Tube assortment

Porcelain Tube Beads
5 & 10mm Glazed and 1/2 & 1 inch Picture Tubes with designs

Fimo Clay Beads
12mm Discs and 1 inch Tubes in assorted designs

Gold and Silver Beads
2 to 8mm, gold and silver plate and sterling silver