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SKU: B00/42 Beaded Treasure Purses by Deon DeLange

Beaded Treasure Purses by Deon DeLange
Purchase Beaded Treasure Purses by Deon DeLange
  • SKU: B00/42 Beaded Treasure Purses by Deon DeLange

  • $10.95

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88 pages, 63 illustrations and patterns.

Beaded Treasure Purses by Deon DeLange

Let the Master of Brick Stitch teach you an entirely new and easy way to make these very popular small beaded purses that are worn as necklaces.

And as a bonus, learn an exciting new beading stitch called Freeform, which can be used to make all sorts of jewelry. New ways to use brick stitch, new designs, new techniques, and the same best-selling Deon quality that crafters have loved for more than ten years.

Deon's new book is fully illustrated, with her characteristic easy-to-follow instructions and lots of photographs of the designs - both color and black & white. The patterns are clearly graphed by computer, making them easy to read and follow. Included are many ideas for trimming the edges of a purse, as well as a variety of necklace strap suggestions.

Deon's Tubular Brick Stitch techniques are unique, allowing the beader to start every row at the edge of the chart. The starting point does not spiral around the beadwork as with many other purse techniques, making this method easier to use.

The Tubular Brick Stitch instructions include sections on design charting, tubular foundation rows, and beading the body of a purse. Various trimmings for the top and bottom of a purse, plus beautiful necklace straps are explained and illustrated. Any of these trimmings can be added to any of the purses, as the photographs suggest.

14 exciting and easy to follow Treasure Purse patterns are included.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a book that you are sure to use again and again. A great gift idea for newcomers and knowledgeable beaders alike!