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Quality Bells - Hawk, Sleigh, and Long Distance (Cow) Bells
in a Variety of Sizes for Dancing, Traditional Regalia, Bags, Cases and Adornment on Crafts and Contemporary Projects.
Need more ideas? See our list of bell uses at the bottom of the page.

For questions or if you need special bell sizes or shapes, please feel free to contact us.
Phone us at 801-393-3991, Fax us at 801-393-4647 or email us at

Uses For Bells

There are many kinds of bells, different sizes, different types, etc. What can they all be used for besides the obvious (as a bell for a cow, hawk or on a sleigh)?

Send us your ideas, but here are 23 ways our customers use bells:

1. Use to add sound to ankle bracelets, hairties or on dancing anklets.
2. Train a pet to come to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
3. Train a pet to let you know when they need to go outdoors.
4. Cowbells make great noisemakers at sporting or fund raising events.
5. Decorate small bells as ornaments for a Christmas tree.
6. Decorate a wreath with small bells.
7. Add some to a bouquet of flowers for a different touch.
8. Put a bell onto a petís collar to help locate them outdoors.
10. Use on a Halloween costume.
11. Use by someone who is bed bound as a bedside attention getter.
12. Get peopleís attention at large gatherings, meetings, or in a classroom.
13. Centerpiece for a wedding or in a garland as decor.
14. Use on a scarecrow to help scare away the birds.
15. Use instead of birdseed/rice at a wedding: Have people ring the bells instead of throwing rice.
16. Use as a door bell. Hang on a string with a sign for folks to ring the bell(s) to let you know they are there.
17. Let your family know that dinner is ready.
18. Use as a desk bell to get a clerk or cashier's attention.
19. Get several bells and make a wind chime.
20. Put one on a door that leads to stairs so you will be warned if a little one is entering a danger zone.
21. Ring in the New Year.
22. If you work in a business encourage customers to ring if they had a good experience there.
23. If you work with small children use one to let them know when recess is beginning and ring again to let them know when it is over.