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Seed Beads, Size 11 Lined Czech Hanks
Seed Beads, Size 11 Lined Czech Hanks
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: SB/LI
    Price: $4.29
    Choose Quantity:
    Hank $3.86
    Half Kilo, 12 hanks, $44.59 (+40.73)
    Kilo, 24 hanks, $84.14 (+80.28)
    Kilo, Mixed Colors, $89.18 (+85.32)
    Choose Bead Color:
    N1/01 Yellow lined Green
    N2/10 White lined Black
    N2/26 White lined White
    N2/50 White lined Pink
    N2/60 White lined Candy Red
    N2/81 White lined Red
    N2/146 White lined Yellow
    N2/208 White lined Green
    N2/240 White lined Blue
    N2/280 White lined Lavendar
    N2/295 Blue lined Purple
    N3/63 Blue lined Pink
    N5/10 Yellow lined Turquoise
    N5/36 Green lined Orange
    N6/36 Yellow lined Orange
    N8/10 Gold lined Green
    N9/10 Red lined Brown
    For Mixed Bulk Colors only: List number of hanks of each color:
    Exceptional strung Czech seed beads that have one color on the outside and are lined in the center with a second color. These are sure to add to your craftwork and are fantastic for work on earrings and other similar projects. We stock a good selection of these popular beads - available in size 11 only, these beads come in hanks of approximately 24 strings, each 10 inches long.

    NOTE: On all descriptions, "White/Pink" means White lined Pink. We often have other colors available, so call (801-393-3991) if you are looking for a specific color.

    We also sell these beads in bulk quantities of 12 hanks (approximately a Half Kilo) and 24 hanks (approximately a Kilo).

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